GroPro -
Growth Program

Build Your Business with GroPro.

GroPro is Tamazari’s Recruiting Services Growth Program that connects smart, dedicated, and driven professionals to help each other succeed, provide stronger service to customers, and grow as a community. Let’s do great things together!

The ”secret sauce” of the program isn’t a secret – GroPro is built on trust and transparency of rates, roles, and shared fees.

GroPro Highlights


By design, #GroPro is just the right size. We are selective of our membership, and protective of our relationships and contacts.

Such as CATS ATS and other tools for posting and sourcing .

In addition to a consistent pipeline of 20+ open roles for you to work on, we have thousands of people in our connected networks to help keep things going.

Leaning in with a larger group can help open professional doors while letting you focus on what’s most important to you: networking, recruiting, and having fun. GroPro support is there to help navigate things like security, compliance, business insurance, working as a supplier with large companies, and overcoming other administrative challenges many independent recruiters face.

Boost your earning potential with placement fees and residuals on future business.

You’ll be invited to valuable networking opportunities so you can build relationships that might otherwise take years to develop.

Enjoy a support structure and build friendships within the community.

Grow in your professional development with mentorship opportunities and membership in an entrepreneurial group of like-minded folks.

Access premium tools most independent recruiters starting out typically can’t afford such as Indeed, LinkedIn Recruiter, Zip Recruiter, Angellist, and Microsoft Teams.

Adjust your involvement according to your availability, bandwidth, work arrangements, and interest level.

Shared platforms mean lower costs for you. 


If you are interested in GroPro or know someone who might be, please reach out and let’s connect.

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