The best people for your project

Tamazari consultants have a broad base of technology experience. Our core capability is our ability to 'plug in' to your organization, understand the true business drivers of a technology project, and apply the most appropriate strategy to deliver success.


Tamazari excels at personalized, professional project-leadership. We approach each project with a focus on strategic planning and work with our customers to define the areas of greatest business value so we can outline the best approach to realizing that value.

We work with multiple methodologies. We firmly believe that different projects are better served by different methodologies and different environments can better adapt to different approaches; we align the work with the most appropriate approach rather than trying to shoehorn a project into an inadequate methodology.

We take a logical approach to managing projects. We bring years of practical experience and best practices to customer engagements. We understand that there will be challenges along the way, but with a well-managed team, obstacles will be identified early and navigated successfully.


IT system implementations are wrought with potential pitfalls and many fail well ahead of realizing their objectives. The technical complexity is just the first hurdle; the organizations willingness to adapt to a new product is generally the more arduous mountain to climb. A successful implementation goes well beyond ‘launching’ the product, but enables a business to improve on their practices and processes.

At Tamazari, we understand the challenges that face IT system implementations and know how to succeed even in the toughest of environments. Our consultants have successfully implemented a myriad of IT systems. A small sampling of those includes:

  • Oracle ERP
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Microsoft CRM
  • Microsoft SharePoint


Where satisfactory products don’t yet exist or won’t quite fit our customer’s needs, we are adept at creating the correct custom solution to fill the void. Our system implementations often require small ‘helper’ applications or system integrations for which we have a team at the ready, but often times we will develop full-fledged applications where an off-the-shelf solution simply has not yet been created.

We have built custom inventory management systems, CRM systems, alternative energy control systems, to name a few. We often add custom reporting solutions to larger system implementations – from small data stores with canned reports to full-blown data warehouses with all the bells and whistles, we’ve built it.

We will always ask you “why not buy?” first, but if the right system doesn’t yet exist we will help you define, design, and build it from the ground up.

Development tools in which we specialize

While our consultants manage and participate in a wide array of technology projects, our development consultants specialize in the Microsoft stack, and specifically in development on/for/with the following tools.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft .NET Stack

Microsoft SQL Server